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KVM Pro: LANDesk

With exclusive access to information and training, a LANDesk Solution Provider is your best source for systems and security management solutions. Specifically selected by LANDesk to sell LANDesk products, KVMPro is your preferred source for LANDesk solutions purchases. When you need a technology partner who quickly understands your business issues and provides cost-effective, proven solutions, turn to KVMPro.

KVMPro sells, integrates and consults on the following LANDesk Solutions:

  • KVM Pro: LANDeskLANDesk Server Manager
  • LANDesk Service Desk
  • LANDesk Antivirus
  • LANDesk Application Virtualization
  • LANDesk Asset Manager
  • LANDesk Handheld and Embedded Device Manager
  • LANDesk HIPS
  • LANDesk Inventory Manager
  • LANDesk Management Gateway Appliance
  • LANDesk Management Suite
  • LANDesk Patch Manager
  • LANDesk Process Manager
  • LANDesk Security Suite
  • LANDesk System Manager
  • LANDesk Universal Connector

LANDesk Server Manager: Comprehensive Server Management
Help your staff better insure uptime and become more efficient at making real decisions by using a mixture of historical and real-time data in LANDesk Server Manager. It lets your staff intelligently control the levels of automation required for patches, images and updates. And it allows them to use a single console for hardware and operating systems from different vendors for decided advantage when negotiating pricing.

KVM Pro: LANDesk
  • Save Time and Maximize Availability

  • Control Your Level of Automation

  • Maximize value, Minimize Intrusion


LANDesk Server Manager can further help you and your staff:

  • Save time by proactively planning for capacity and upgrades and accessing usable data through log consolidation, grouping and software license monitoring.

  • Remain in control of the patch management process with user-defned degrees of automation.

  • Gain immediate return on your investment with intuitive alert, agent and dashboard configurations that provide immediate value.

  • Improve customer satisfaction and better meet company service levels with broad platform support. n Maintain high server performance with access to high levels of insight and control with minimal intrusion on the server operating environment.

LANDesk Server Manager supports your enterprise servers, commodity servers and blade servers with low-impact management services that let you choose your level of management coverage-from simple information gathering to extended performance analysis, security and configuration control.

LANDesk Service desk delivers enterprise-level consolidated service desk capabilities without requiring a large enterprise budget, training or knowledge level. And whether youíre simply looking to improve service levels or want to provide complete service provision, LANDesk Service Desk is scalable to grow with your service needs. Unlike other service desk solutions, it includes comprehensive capabilities that let you easily implement Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) version 2 and 3 and Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) best practices. Your team is empowered to easily and proactively integrate business and IT strategies, access agile service design, clarify the management of service providers and levels and improve measurement, demonstrate value and promote continuous improvement.

KVM Pro: LANDesk
  • Get to Resolution and ITIL Best Practices More Quickly

  • Improve Efficiency and Empower Your Service Team

  • Empower Proactive Participation

  • Manage the Life Cycle of IT Services and Create True Business Value


Implement LANDesk® Service Desk to help you:

  • Resolve support and service issues more quickly with access to enterprise-level capability and scalability with mid-market affordability and usability.

  • Gain complete control over levels of support and easily manage the life cycle of the services IT provides and add business value.

  • Reduce costs by reducing your overall number of help desk incidents.

  • Improve efficiency by empowering technicians to easily define and follow multiple support procedures.

  • Empower end users and customers to actively participate in solving support issues.

  • Integrate systems and security management functionality into your service desk solution.


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