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KVM Pro: AV Production

From extention, switching and display products KVMPro can meet your Production / Post Production and Broadcast hardware and services needs.

AV and Media professionals are tasked with highly unique technical challenges when pushing, sharing,distributing and securing various types of media. KVMPro offers a multitude of switching and extention solutions that are designed specifically for your industry!

KVMPro specializes in the following manufactures Avocent, ThinkLogical, Gefen, and Zandar.



The requirements for AV systems control and integration are changing, and the demand for a single solution is greater than ever.

atmospherics by Cloud Systems is the only comprehensive control solution developed to deliver seamless AV integration. atmospherics increases productivity through automation and distributed control from a central server, resulting in radically improved value, performance, and efficiency.

Cloud Systems, Inc. announces the release of its enhanced software-based control system, atmospherics 2.2, complete with variable small business, standard, and enterprise editions.

atmospherics is a software-based AV systems control solution, which integrates and distributes control of diverse systems and environments on a variety of industry-standard devices, including standard browsers, IP phones and PDAs. Version 2.2 builds on an already rich feature set, with improved performance, design and scalability.

In addition, atmospherics' all new Enterprise version goes a step further to deliver advanced LDAP configuration, progressive monitoring and operational excellence, reporting features, and a built-in schedule module that integrates with Microsoft Exchange, allowing users to view or book rooms from both Outlook and the software's independent user interface. atmospherics is recognized for its intuitive forms based design, which allows users to quickly specify, group, and route devices without programming. For end users, atmospherics' scene control and presentations functions help pre-configure environments, and ultimately create timed, comprehensive and highly automated presentations.


KVM Pro: KVM Extender
KVM Pro: KVM ExtenderAvocent DM2000 and ECMS KVM/Audio Matrix
The Avocent Emerge™ DM2000 desktop manager provides centralized management and control of Emerge ECMS2000 & ECMS4000 extender transmitters and receivers, allowing them to serve as endpoints of a high performance LAN-based KVM switch. This solution provides media professionals with uncompromised switched KVM access to business critical broadcast and post-production video editing systems.
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The Emerge ECMS2000 & ECMS4000 digital workstation extenders meet the demanding needs of today's rich digital content applications, including high resolution video, deep color depth, uncompromised responsiveness, CD quality audio, and compatibility with a wide range of user interface devices - while mission critical servers are securely maintained and managed.
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With the combination of Avocents DM2000 & ECMS digital workstations it is now possible to create a high resolution ( 1920 x 1200 ) dual DVI, full Audio, and Virtual Media KVM matrix.

This virtual KVM Matrix has the revolutionary ability to create any User to Port ratio you desire... ZERO BLOCK matrices are now a reality! 32 Users to 32 Machines no problem... 60 Users to 10 Machines done! The DM2000 is flexible enough to give you the ability to create any switching scenario you desire.

KVM Pro: KVM Extender

KVM Pro: KVM ExtenderAvocent AMX KVM/Audio Matrix
Post production environments and broadcast machine rooms have become increasingly dependent on computers to generate and manipulate video and audio content. Broadcasters are seeking solutions that enable them to back rack their critical computing resources and allocate them as needed. Operators can then access computers located securely away from the broadcast studio.

The AMX KVM switch series provides access to all major server platforms and serial devices. It’s designed for growing IT infrastructures with multi-rack, multi-device, multi-platform deployments.

The switch provides full, non-blocked access to servers and delivers real-time, high bandwidth video up to 1,000 feet from the server. It operates over end-to-end UTP cabling with automatic compensation for any video losses induced by cabling.

An easy to use OSCAR® graphical user interface is included. The Avocent AMWorks® Java-based system administration tool provides centralized management software.

AMX 5130 User Station
Avocent AMX®5130 desktop user stations provide flexible configuration options for environments where real-time access is critical including data centers, machine rooms and broadcast. Maintain access to your mission-critical servers by connecting two AMX matrix switches to your desktop user station for switch redundancy with automatic failover. Alternately, you can access your local computer and an AMX matrix switch with the desktop user station for efficient real-time access to connected servers and serial devices. AMX 5130 user stations support PS/2 and USB keyboards and mice and offer automatic video skew compensation, audio and serial connectivity.

The AMIQDM (dual port/multimedia) module delivers real-time, high bandwidth video, stereo audio (7 kHz) and serial data for KVM switching up to 1,000 feet away from the server. It is designed to support audio and serial data transmission with the addition of an AMX5130 user station. The AMIQDM module features dual UTP connections, enabling one computer connection to be shared between two AMX switches. The advanced technology provides built-in memory and security, enabling you to store server names and prohibit unauthorized access to the server from the UTP cabling.

ThinkLogical DCS ( Digital Cross-Point) Matrix
In sophisticated video and KVM visual computing environments it is critical that users have a viable switching and extension system. The DCS fiber-in/fiber-out digital cross-point switch series is the most capable, secure, and cable efficient non-blocking matrix switch available for high resolution video and virtually any desktop device interfaces, including (but not limited to) USB 2.0, Firewire, keyboard, mouse, serial and audio. The DCS allows for signals from a range of these input sources to be distributed to numerous output devices, thus creating a "matrix" pattern of interconnections. Available in three chassis sizes, the DCS supports matrix configurations of 32 x 32, 72 x 72, 144 X 144 ports.

Complete Fiber Input/Output Design Streamlines Cable

Through harnessing fiber-in/fiber-out capability the DCS reduces cable congestion, eases installation and adds flexiblity. Users now have more options in terms of the placement of computer sources and remote workstations in relation to the switch. Fiber optic cabling allows for simple and clean cable management while maximizing the distance between the sources and destinations for increased infrastructure scalability.

ThinkLogical's KVM Chassis combined with the VIS series workstations below provide unparalled preformance in KVMASS switching technologies... All product is manufactured in the USA. Thinklogical's VIS User Stations are capable of producing1920 x 1200 resolution on as many as 4 DVI Signals over a distance of 3,280 feet.


ECMS2000 & 4000 Digital Workstation Extender
Extend digital and analog video, USB keyboard and mouse, USB media, and audio signals with the Emerge™ ECMS digital workstation extenders. The ECMS extender provides today's digital content creation professionals with high resolution video(dual DVI), rich color depth, uncompromised responsiveness, CD quality audio, and compatibility with a wide range of user interface devices - while mission critical servers are securely maintained and managed.

The Avocent ECMS removes the requirement for conditioned power in the edit suite and greatly reduces ambient noise in the creative space (edit suite or control room). Because the product offers hardware extension, it eliminates the burden that software products place on target servers. The USB mass storage extension functionality of the product provides a cost-effective alternative for expensive USB 2.0 extension products.

ECMS1000 KVM Extender
The production environment is full of specialized applications that run on computers including: Non-linear Edit Systems (NLE), Digital Audio Workstations (DAW), Character Generators (C.G.), and Animation stations. All of these devices share four major problems: they create heat, they require large amounts of technical power, they generate a level of background noise that is unacceptable in the production environment, and they present a security risk to the content stored on them. The Emerge ECMS1000 removes the requirement for technical power in the edit suite, resolves the problem of high ambient noise in the creative space, and eliminates ability to copy content to unsecured storage devices.

Extend KVM, audio and serial up to 1000 feet (305 meters) in a point-to-point configuration. The system is a transmitter and receiver design with an interconnecting UTP cable.

EVS (Enhanced Visualization Solution) Series
The family of EVS products (Enhanced Visualization Solution) is designed specifically for high performance video and KVM connection environments.

What distinguishes the EVS line is the video source capability; Dual-Link DVI, Two Displays, Local CPU KVM Console are all supported over four fibers. Industry standard DVI video formats up to 165 MHz, are supported over a single multimode video fiber. Any resolution which fits into the 165MHz bandwidth will be flawlessly transported from end to end. The EVS harnesses advanced fiber optic technology which means that image quality is not compromised with problems such as frame-dropping or content loss. In addition, the EVS leverages enhanced DDC2B for EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) as it pertains to HDMI. The EVS is designed to cost effectively meet the needs of the most demanding video and connectivity applications

KVMPro carries a full line of Gefen extenders


KVM Pro: KVM Extender

KVMPro and Zandar specializes in multi-source display management. Our commitment to design has allowed us to evolve sophisticated and highly flexible MultiViewer systems. We offer an extensive range of fixed configuration and modular solutions that combine multiple source formats on to any display technology.

Zandar products are designed with high quality, flexibility, modularity, control and ease of use in mind, and can be tailored to match the specific needs of any monitoring environment. Applications are numerous and include broadcast multi-video & audio monitoring, master control rooms, outside broadcast (OB) trucks or mobile vehicles, mosaic & interactive channels, command & control, audiovisual presentations, security & surveillance, public information displays, and events and staging.

Fusion Series

  • From 2 to 8 (1RU) or 26 (3RU) scalable windows
  • Programmable output up to 1080p & more.
  • NTSC/PAL, SDI or HD-SDI inputs in 4:3 or 16:9
  • Computer inputs - RGBHV or DVI
  • In-picture Audio Metering & Audio Out
  • Dynamic UMDs, Tallies, Clocks & Timecode
  • External Graphics Background
  • Layout Configuration Software (Z-Configurator)
  • ZdH - Zandar Dual Head control (optional)
  • ZRP - Zandar Remote Panel (optional)

Predator II Series

  • KVM Pro: KVM Extender32 auto-sensing HD SDI, SDI and composite video inputs via BNC
  • Dual DVI outputs up to 1920 x 1080 display resolutions
  • Less than 1 frame delay from source to display
  • Dynamic UMD and Tally display
  • Automatic format detect to correctly display 4:3 or 16:9 sources
  • Z-Configurator software for layout design, configuration, and multi-system control
    . ZdH - Zandar Dual Head display facility
  • ZRP - Zandar Remote Panel (optional)

DKVM Pro: KVM ExtenderX Series MultiViewer

  • Compact 19" 1RU enclosure
  • 4, 8, 12 or 16 SDI (digital) or composite video inputs
  • Auto detect of digital or analog inputs
  • Auto detect of NTSC, PAL or SDI (digital) inputs
  • Video outputs - composite & Y-C or YUV, SDI x 2
  • VGA output (line doubled)
  • Selection of pre-set displays
  • Full screen display of any input
  • Built-in character generator for source identification
  • Real-time clock & date
  • Front Panel Controls/menus for configuration
  • RS-232/422 control
  • GPIO/Alarm triggers for layout and full-screen recall
  • Loss of sync detection
  • Black picture detection
  • Frozen picture detection
  • Audio Monitoring
  • ZRP - Zandar Remote Panel (optional)

MX Series MultiViewer

  • Compact 19" 1RU enclosure
  • 4, 8, 12 or 16 composite video inputs
  • NTSC/PAL input combinations, by 4
  • Analog Video outputs - composite & Y-C or YUV
  • VGA output (line doubled)
  • Selection of pre-set displays
  • Full screen display of any input - via front
    panel GPI or RS-232
  • Built-in character generator for source identification
  • Real-time clock & date
  • GPIO/Alarm triggers
  • Individual border colors for tally/alarm status
  • Loss of sync detection
  • Front Panel Controls/menus for configuration
  • ZRP - Zandar Remote Panel (optional)

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