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KVM Pro:  IT Infastructure

IT Infrastucture often includes several different types of networks and computer systems from different vendors." Todayís enterprise infrastructure is spread all over the map, literally and technologically. It can encompass a complex mix of servers, operating systems, networking equipment and other IT devices, distributed across a region, a continent or several continents. Staff may also be spread ñ very thinly ñ across multiple sites.

Multi- site, Multi-Vendor, Multi-Purpose Networks require a different breed of solutions.. often single source solutions lack functionality in one area of expertise or another..

KVMPro offers both "a la carte" and "multi-vendor, site and purpose" solutions for access, monitoring and management of your IT Infrustructure.

For serious "Out of Band Access". Converting analog signals into IP packets means you have the power of being thier "device indepentant" even if your half way around the the globe with the abilities to:

Out of Band

  • VMWare ESX & Virtual Centers
  • Severs
  • Blades
  • Routers and Telco
  • Service Proccess Management Devices
    ( iLO, RiLO...)
  • Work in the Bios Level
  • Power Boot
  • Soft Boot
  • Issue Serial Commands

In Band

  • Provisioning
  • Patch Management
  • Log Consolidation
  • Alerts
  • Device Discovery
  • Security Management
  • Software Depolyment

KVM over IP

  • KVM Pro:  Enterprise Class NetworkKVM over IP switches provide BIOS-level control of all connected servers and serial-based devices in your data center.

  • The switches let you remotely manage and power cycle connected devices, and provide external modem support when the network is down.

  • Provide a Virtual Media capability so you can map local storage media to a remote server. DSR switches support IPv6 and IPv4 for easier transition.

Service Processor Management

  • KVM Pro:  Enterprise Class NetworkConnect point-to-point with Ethernet-based iLO, IPMI (versions 1.5, 2.0), DRAC, RSA and ALOM service processors.

  • Simplify and significantly reduce the deployment costs of out-of-band management of servers with service processor technologies by consolidating IP connections, user access and server health information.

Console Server Management

  • KVM Pro:  Enterprise Class NetworkConsole servers give IT professionals and network operations center (NOC) personnel the ability to perform secure, remote data center management and out-of-band management of IT assets from anywhere in the world.

KVM Pro:  Enterprise Class NetworkIntelligent Power

  • Intelligent Remote Power Management Solutions help IT administrators improve uptime andstaff productivity, save money and improve utilization of power resources.

  • Emergencies can be resolved with remoteserial and TCP/IP access to outlet-level switching, improving MTTR.

  • Capacity planning is simplified with unit-level and outlet-level power utilization information.

  • Staff can gather detailed power information to improve uptime and productivity.

  • Travel costs and time can be saved with remote power cycling and monitoring.

Centralized (out of band) Management Software/Device

  • Central Management software/devices provides data centers with a secure, centralized management solution for all of your IT assets–physical and virtual.

  • Allows administrators to access, diagnose, and modify any managed device from any point on the globe, regardless of the health or status of the OS or the network connection to those devices.
  • Provides custom views for each user, graphical report building and task automation tools, and a holistic view of your network assets.

  • Authentication against existing services (LDAP, Active Directory, NT Domain, RADIUS, TACACS+, and RSA SecurID)

Server and Asset Management ( in band )

  • Proactively plan for capacity and upgrades and access usable data through log consolidation, grouping and software license monitoring.

  • Patch management process with user-defined degrees of automation.

  • Intuitive alert, agent and dashboard configurations that provide immediate value.

  • Demonstrate asset and license compliance with active device discovery and inventory, software license monitoring, easy database query and powerful reporting tools.

  • Patented, ultraefficient, fault-tolerant software distribution technologies.

  • Help desk with tools to support users in any networked environment.

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