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The terms * KVM over IP, * Digital KVM and * IP KVM switch are all one in the same. Below is a repesentation of what a typical IP KVM switch looks like and how it functions.

IP KVM switches are a major depart from traditional analog switches and can now add greater flexibility and access to your network than ever before...
KVM Pro: IP KVM switch solutions

From KVM to Serial to Remote Power Boot and IPMI KVM over IP has come a long way since its early inception.

KVM over IP have a distinct advantage in that they can easily be acccess via the launch of a web browser, giving you access ( device indepentant access ) to any device from practically any where.

KVM Pro: IP KVM switch solutions

IP KVMs are also capable of being put in a VITURAL MATRIX (SEE BELOW) often called a Central Management device or software. This allows Administrators to tie all target devices together under one interface.

KMVPRO carries the following IP KVM switches see below or call a Pro for consulting on your project.

KVM Pro: IP KVM switch solutionsAvocent KVM over IP via DSR
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DSR® KVM over IP switches provide BIOS-level control of all connected servers and serial-based devices in your data center. DSR switches let you remotely manage and power cycle connected devices, and provide external modem support when the network is down. DSR switches feature an on-board Web interface compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox or Netscape for access and control of your servers over IP.

KVM Pro: IP KVM switch solutionsAvocent AutoView
KVM over IP
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AutoView KVM switching systems feature newadvanced cabling options that let you manage PS/2, USB, Sun and serial devices from one solution. Integrated access cables provide keyboard, video and mouse connectivity in one, slim CAT 5 cable, which reduces cable bulk and saves time and money. A smart attached server.

Avocent SwitchView IP
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The SwitchView IP 1020 remote access device lets you select DES, 3DES, AES or 128bit SSL encryption for keyboard, mouse and video. The device’s Java™ video viewer supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape. Plus, the SwitchView IP 1020 remote access device is Flash upgradeable for fast and easy updates.


KVM Pro: IP KVM switch solutionsRaritan Domnion DKX 2
IP KVM Switches
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The KX2 offers the industry's highest video resolution — 1600 x 1200. Allows remote installation of software, file transferring and data back up with Universal Virtual Media. And 128-bit SSL AES or RC4 encryption. Offers the tightest mouse in the industry, reducing installation time with Absolute Mouse Synchronization. Controls power to servers with optional remote power unit. Comes standard with dual power and dual gigabit Ethernet with automatic failover. Features Virtual KVM Desktop™, a common browser-based user interface that supports the industry's widest range of operating systems and browsers. Plus, it includes the industry's first and only browser-based local access.

Central Management Devices for KVM over IP

Because IP KVM switches function like IP addressable network devices you can now locate them anywhere in your LAN or WAN with out having to chain them together.... But how can you organize all your Switches and Target Devices under one GUI? Answer: Centralized Management Device!

KVM Pro: IP KVM switch solutions

The following are Centralized Management Products that KVMPRO carries.
Avocent DSView 3.x
works in conductionwith DSR Series
Raritan Command Center
Secure Gateway works in conjunction with Dominion KX and Paragon

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