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KVM Pro:  Serial Switch

The terms Console Sever, Serial Port Switch, Console Port Manger, Console Port Switch rs232 Serial Switch are all one in the same.
Serial Port Switches provide non-block access and control for rs232 serial devices such as ROUTERS, POWER MANAGEMENT DEVICES, FIREWALLS, and HEADLESS SERVERS. KVM Pro:  Serial Switch

Accessing Serial Port Console Switches can be done through Telnet options, (built in or third party). When accessing an rs232 device attached to the Serial Switch i.e. firewall or router, each manufacture will have it's own interface or proprietary software usually with an Authentication piece. Some manufactures/models provide both local and remote access.

You may choose from 4 up to 48 port devices. Typically there will be a single 10/100 Ethernet port that provides connectivity to the network.

KVM Pro:  Serial Switch

The first step is choosing a Serial Port Swich is assessing how many ports you will need and where they might be located. Most runs are a RJ45 - 8 wire reversing modular cable or strait CAT5 with a (serial - to - RJ45 adapter) at the target device these can be (DCE or DTE) DB9, DB25, or Sun Netra.

KVM Pro:  Serial Switch

KVMPro carries the following models and manufactures of Serial Port Switch selections


Logical Solutions
Serial Port Switches

The principal designers of the thinklogical Secure Console Server line of products have more experience in the development of console servers than any other engineering group in the world. They designed the very first Secure Console Server ever produced back in the 90’s. These were originally designed to access serial ports in mission critical Sun Microsystems server environments for financial services customers on Wall Street.

KVM Pro:  Serial SwitchThink Logical - Sentinel Console Severs
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For distributed “mission critical” networks and IT infrastructures, Thinklogical’s Sentinel series of secure console servers provide users with secure access and control of network devices and servers. Advanced failover architecture integrates additional functionality into the Sentinel series of console servers. Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies allow for uninterruptible power, enabling users to remove a failed power supply while the unit is running. In addition, hot-swappable access modules, NICs and field replaceable CPU boards makes the Sentinel fail-safe, ensuring high availability, while increasing the time and effectiveness of systems administration and IT staff.

KVM Pro:  Serial SwitchThink Logical - SCS-R Console & Terminal Severs
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Thinklogical’s SCS-R series of secure console servers provide server and network management and secure console and integrated power management with enterprise-class security features. Unique to this line of console servers is the redundant AC and DC power supplies (that function in a current sharing mode). The SCS-R power supplies are also hot-swappable; hence users are able to remove a failed power supply while the unit is operating. This ensures that the SCS-R will function even in the event of a single power supply failure. In addition, users have access and control to any combination of serial devices (servers, LAN/WAN devices, routers, workstations) through dual console and network ports. This guarantees high availability, while increasing the time and effectiveness of systems administration and IT staff.

KVM Pro:  Serial SwitchThink Logical -SCS Console & Terminal Severs
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Unlike traditional console servers the SCS operates more like a network server that a network appliance. Modular in design, the core of the SCS is an x86-based computer running GNU/Linux. In addition, the SCS has built in technologies such as 512 MB compact flash drive and support for plug-compatible micro drives. Upon setup the SCS generates a unique set of host keys, a crucial security feature which some traditional console servers lack. Another exceptional feature of Thinklogical’s console server line is full distribution, non-embedded Linux. The SCS is the only console server on the market that is able to integrate into the system and configuration management software programs that are being utilized by an enterprise. This enables users to customize the capacity of the SCS, as well as its level of integration into their particular environment. In addition, users are able to match security technology to fit their processes while modifying and enhancing features to meet their specifications.


Cyclades and Avocent combine forces in 2007 to create the Advance Console Server series.

KVM Pro:  Serial SwitchCyclades -CS Series
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Available in 8- and 16-port models, the Cyclades CS4008 and CS4016 console servers let you consolidate access to serial devices with a single interface --- from any location. Cyclades console servers simplify access to serial devices with convenient management over an IP network via an onboard Web interface, at the rack through the local console port or dial-up with an external modem.

Save time and money in your SMB environment by consolidating up to 16 serial target devices with the Cyclades appliances. A configuration wizard for first-time users eases installation. Using a Linux-based operating system, this solution includes a command line interface (Linux Shell) that increases manageability.

CKVM Pro:  Serial Switchyclades - ACS Series
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Cyclades® ACS advanced console servers give IT professionals and network operations center (NOC) personnel the ability to perform secure, remote data center management and out-of-band management of IT assets from anywhere in the world. Using a hardened Linux® operating system, Cyclades ACS console server provides optimal performance, security and reliability. When used in conjunction with Cyclades PM intelligent power distribution unit (IPDU) and DSView® 3 management software, Cyclades ACS console server offers a secure and consolidated out-of-band management solution.

KVM Pro:  Serial Switch

KVM Pro:  Serial SwitchRaritan - Dominion SX Series
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Dominion SX is a secure console server for local and remote access to serially managed servers and other serial devices via SSH/Telnet and Web browser. Dominion SX provides one point of access and control to manage users, serial servers and other IT devices Dominion SX is highly secure, easy to install, simple to use and scalable across hundreds of users and thousands of devices. Available SX models support capacities of 4 to 48 ports, single and dual feed AC and DC power, dual Ethernet LAN options and internal modem options.

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