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KVM Pro: KVM Extender

Superior console management
Enhanced visualization solutions
Thinklogical defines innovation and excellence in video/KVM products and secure console server management. As a leading manufacturer and provider of console management devices, Thinklogical offers a complete line of Secure Console Servers for ìmission criticalî server installations, as well as, fiber optic KVM and video extenders, KVM and fiber matrix switches, and camera extenders. In addition, the EVS (enhanced visualization solution) KVM extender line of products utilizes sophisticated multimode fiber optic technology to deliver unsurpassed DVI video compatibility and support for multiple peripheral devices. Thinklogical is the informed choice for those who want superior console management and enhanced visualization solutions.

EVS (Enhanced Visual Solutions)
Thinklogicalís EVS line of fiber optic KVM extenders offers advanced features, superior performance, cost-effectiveness, and full peripheral compatibility. The EVS extension system is designed for high performance, video intensive applications, where a variety of non-video desktop peripherals may be required. The basic EVS model has an integrated 4-port USB 1.1 hub extender, which allows for plug compatible, full speed, USB 1.1 peripheral devices to be used with virtually any computer source located within 1000 meters (3280 feet) of the user console. Building upon the base model, the EVS product line also offers factory options such as an integrated 4-port high speed USB 2.0 hub (ìUî series) or a Firewire 800 connection (ìFî series). For security conscious customers, who do not permit full or high speed USB or Firewire 800 on the desktop, the EVS ìHî series limits peripherals to HID signal rates. The EVS series supports RGB and/or DVI video formats in single-link and dual-link DVI with unsurpassed image quality.

KVM Pro: KVM ExtenderThinkLogical VIS Series KVM Extend
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The Cornerstone of Thinklogical’s KVM and Video Extender Line
Leveraging Fiber Optic Technologies for Enhanced Desktop Performance

The VIS line of fiber optic KVM extenders offers reliable, secure extension of keyboard, monitor, and mouse, up to 1000 meters, using only two dedicated multimode fibers. The VIS line of KVM extenders supports RGB and/or DVI video formats in single display, dual display and dual-link DVI. Our VIS KVM extenders also support desktop interfaces including PS2 and USB (HID).

KVM Pro: KVM Extender


DCS ( Digital Cross-Point) Matrix
In sophisticated video and KVM visual computing environments it is critical that users have a viable switching and extension system. The DCS fiber-in/fiber-out digital cross-point switch series is the most capable, secure, and cable efficient non-blocking matrix switch available for high resolution video and virtually any desktop device interfaces, including (but not limited to) USB 2.0, Firewire, keyboard, mouse, serial and audio. The DCS allows for signals from a range of these input sources to be distributed to numerous output devices, thus creating a "matrix" pattern of interconnections. Available in three chassis sizes, the DCS supports matrix configurations of 32 x 32, 72 x 72, 144 X 144 ports.

Complete Fiber Input/Output Design Streamlines Cable

Through harnessing fiber-in/fiber-out capability the DCS reduces cable congestion, eases installation and adds flexiblity. Users now have more options in terms of the placement of computer sources and remote workstations in relation to the switch. Fiber optic cabling allows for simple and clean cable management while maximizing the distance between the sources and destinations for increased infrastructure scalability.

ThinkLogical's KVM Chassis combined with the VIS series workstations below provide unparalled preformance in KVMASS switching technologies... All product is manufactured in the USA. Thinklogical's VIS User Stations are capable of producing1920 x 1200 resolution on as many as 4 DVI Signals over a distance of 3,280 feet.

KVM Pro: KVM ExtenderSentinel Console Severs
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For distributed “mission critical” networks and IT infrastructures, Thinklogical’s Sentinel series of secure console servers provide users with secure access and control of network devices and servers. Advanced failover architecture integrates additional functionality into the Sentinel series of console servers. Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies allow for uninterruptible power, enabling users to remove a failed power supply while the unit is running. In addition, hot-swappable access modules, NICs and field replaceable CPU boards makes the Sentinel fail-safe, ensuring high availability, while increasing the time and effectiveness of systems administration and IT staff.

KVM Pro: KVM ExtenderSCS-R Console & Terminal Severs
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Thinklogical’s SCS-R series of secure console servers provide server and network management and secure console and integrated power management with enterprise-class security features. Unique to this line of console servers is the redundant AC and DC power supplies (that function in a current sharing mode). The SCS-R power supplies are also hot-swappable; hence users are able to remove a failed power supply while the unit is operating. This ensures that the SCS-R will function even in the event of a single power supply failure. In addition, users have access and control to any combination of serial devices (servers, LAN/WAN devices, routers, workstations) through dual console and network ports. This guarantees high availability, while increasing the time and effectiveness of systems administration and IT staff.

KVM Pro: KVM ExtenderSCS Console & Terminal Severs
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Unlike traditional console servers the SCS operates more like a network server that a network appliance. Modular in design, the core of the SCS is an x86-based computer running GNU/Linux. In addition, the SCS has built in technologies such as 512 MB compact flash drive and support for plug-compatible micro drives. Upon setup the SCS generates a unique set of host keys, a crucial security feature which some traditional console servers lack. Another exceptional feature of Thinklogicalís console server line is full distribution, non-embedded Linux. The SCS is the only console server on the market that is able to integrate into the system and configuration management software programs that are being utilized by an enterprise. This enables users to customize the capacity of the SCS, as well as its level of integration into their particular environment. In addition, users are able to match security technology to fit their processes while modifying and enhancing features to meet their specifications

KVM Pro: KVM ExtenderOriginKVM 82 HDMI KVM
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The OriginKVM 82 is built with Thinklogicalís unique communication actuation technology, which allows for out-of-band control. This feature gives users the ability to select ports, configure servers in the rack, assign names to servers and easily select and monitor them via on-screen menus. In addition, the OriginKVM 82 supports USB 1.0 HID device emulation and PS2/USB conversion. This feature dedicates an individual device emulator to each connected computer, allowing the computer to have a continuous connection to the keyboard and mouse, even when the CPU is not selected. This ensures flawless boot up of computers running a variety of operating systems. In addition, video intensive applications now benefit with OriginKVM 82ís DVI support. This feature maintains superior high resolution video quality over the shortest and longest of cable lengths

KVM Pro: KVM Extender

VDA DVI Spliters
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The DVI Splitter from Thinklogical sends a video source to either 2 or 4 displays without any signal loss. Installation is plug and play, no adjustments are necessary.

  • The VDA-1 (SL 1:2) distributes a Single-Link DVI video source to two Single-Link displays.
  • The VDA-2 (SL 1:4) distributes a Single-Link DVI video source to four Single-Link displays.
  • The VDA-3 (DL 1:2) distributes a Dual-Link DVI video source to two Dual-Link displays.

KVM Pro: KVM ExtenderAlterImage RGB to DVI Converter
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The Thinklogical™ AlterImage Converter (AIC-1) and the AlterImage converter/Extender (AIE-1) are designed to take advantage of advanced displays with the DVI-D interface using an existing RGB source. Industry standard RGB video formats up to 108MHz are flawlessly converted to DVI and transported over multi-mode fiber.

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